Use Case eDiscovery Platform

The Ontotext eDiscovery platform combines text mining, GraphDB™ and a knowledge base of terms to provide highly relevant search results down to the paragraph level across massive sets of unstructured data.  We used this platform to build “OpenPolicy™”  which was co-developed with our partner, LMI in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. Despite been created specifically for ediscovery it can be used with any type of documents and delivered in a variety of platforms.

Open Policy from LMI provides hosted semantic solutions that run in the cloud

OpenPolicy™ :
Award Winning Semantic Technology for
Search and Discovery

Business and Government enterprises have massive amounts of information and knowledge locked away in electronic text files of written prose. Researchers and analysts spend countless hours fishing for online documents that match their search.  The problem is they are not applying semantic search.

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Open Policy™ :
Provides a Refreshingly Intuitive User Experience That Allows You To

  • Search using key words and concepts
  • Displays highly relevant results, highlighting key words within each
  • Uses synonyms, acronyms and a knowledge base of key terms to
    enhance your search
  • Shows “popular” and “recommended” topics based on your search
  • Returns accurate, complete results instantly allowing you to increase


Semantic Document Search – Complete, Accurate, Instantaneous


OpenPolicy™ searches across scores of documents simultaneously using subject specific key terms, synonyms, and acronyms.  The enhanced semantic search generates search results that pinpoint paragraphs, highlighting search terms within each paragraph.  By eliminating the “one-at-a-time document search paradigm”, OpenPolicy reduces the time spent searching within documents by more than 90 percent.

The Knowledge Base Drives the Search

OpenPolicy™ is a cloud based service that uses open standards from the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), the GraphDB™  triplestore (Resources Description Framework – RDF) and the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) thesaurus. We have semantically indexed SKOS with semantic triples stored inside of GraphDB™ to make this solution extremely scalable.  This complete knowledge base including set of terms customized for your needs results in search results that exceed your expectations.  We can easily swap out thesauri and documents to meet the changing needs of your organization.

Scalable, Flexible Semantics in the Cloud

OpenPolicy™ subscriptions run in a secure cloud environment. A highly intuitive user interface running on web service components, enables users to upload thesauri, upload documents, browse documents, and semantically search all of your content. Our user interface is a lightweight JavaScript-based webpage that uses AJAX and JSON to facilitate browser to server data exchange.   Included in this cloud solution is a text mining concept extraction service, a NoSQL content store, and the GraphDB™ RDF triplestore with semantic inferencing.   OpenPolicy is protected by firewalls, secure socket layers, encryption and load balancing.  It can be deployed to a third party cloud and is enabled with horizontal scalability running on enterprise replication server clusters with failover and recovery.  We can scale up with your needs.

The “Always On” Knowledge Base that is “Always Up To Date”

Our functional experts maintain your thesaurus and document library.  Our engineers maintain the software and computing infrastructure.  Whenever you need a new term added to your thesaurus, we take care of it.  We maintain your document libraries if you prefer.  We monitor your system around the clock to make sure you are always on and always up to date with your search results.

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