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Datathon Case Overview: Revealing Hidden Links Through Open Data

For the first Datathon in Central and Eastern Europe, the Data Science Society team and the partner companies provided various business cases in the field of data science, offering challenges to the participants who set out to solve them in less than 48 hours. At the end of the event, there were 16 teams presenting their results after a weekend of work.

Exploring Linked Open Data with FactForge

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Our way out of data confusion and into data abundance is the portion of the growingly interconnected data on the web. With FactForge as a convenient entry point to the web of interconnected data, we can turn the exciting opportunities that data flows on the web can pour into our business into real experience.

Open Data Innovation? Open Your Data And See It Happen.

Open data fosters a culture of creativity and innovation

As more and more companies and startups are creating business and social value out of open data, the open data trend-setting governments and local authorities are not sitting idle and are opening up data sets and actively encouraging citizens, developers, and firms to innovate with open data.

Connectivity, Open Data and A Bag of Chips

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Often considered too technical and hard to implement Linked Open Data is actually not something outside business and free exchange as usual - it is connectivity, but on a data level. Global connectivity transformed the way we

Open Data Play in Sports Journalism And EURO 2016

Sports writers use datasets to investigate the connections between sport, money, business and power. They are also on the quest to seek truth and transparency, and to back their exclusive stories with solid facts. Open data gives those modern-day Sherlocks the bases of their stories. On the other hand, open data from smart cities and governments also helps fans and journalists get information on stadium capacities, routes to venues, and traffic in cities.

Open Data Sources for Empowering Smart Analytics

Linked Open Data

Finding Open Data sources is a walk in the park: a simple search leads to hundreds of pages of datasets. Governments, NGOs and organizations keep on aggregating and publishing Open Data and more and more businesses and developers use data analytics to gain insights, predict trends and make data-driven decisions.

Linked Leaks: A Smart Dive into Analyzing the Panama Papers

Ever since the Panama Papers news story broke in early April, people have been curious to know what names come out and how they are connected with other companies and shareholders. However, releasing the massive of 2.6TB of data could be a challenge for data enthusiasts and investigative journalists to effectively search and explore the Panama Papers data. That’s how Linked Leaks was born.

How the Self-Service Semantic Suite Powers up an Open Data Platform (Part 2)


Come meet the team behind the DataGraft platform at the European Semantic Web Conference, May 29 – June 2, 2016 and learn how publishing and reusing Open Data and Linked Data can be actually easier and cheaper.

Journalism in the Age of Open Data

Journalism in the Age of Open Data

Open Data has the potential to enrich the sources for journalists and give the stories they tell new perspectives. Journalism, in turn, filters open data to discover new angles to topics and tell richer stories to the audience. However, to turn data into meaning, we need context. Semantic technology provides that context allowing media organizations to extract better insights and ultimately improve story telling capabilities.

Open Data Use Cases In Five Cities

Open Data Use Cases Five Cities

If physicians in Victorian England had access to open data, they would have probably saved many more lives than they did. Fortunately, today we have huge sets of open data waiting to be further explored. London, Chicago, New York, Amsterdam and Sofia are just five examples of how cities deal with open data and extract social and business value from databases. Greater London Authority’s ‘London DataStore’ hosts more than 500 datasets.

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