Ontotext Insights Platform

Gain Insights from your Healthcare & Life Sciences Data

The Ontotext Insights Platform was built to address very specific domain needs within the life sciences and healthcare industries.  The Ontotext Insights Platform has:

  • Semantic annotation pipelines to extract meaning from patient data and research documents using more than 100 different semantic types.
  • Automatically recognize complex biomedical terms using tested “bio-medical tagging algorithms.”
  • A semantically rich knowledge base with domain specific classifications allowing you to match and classify extracted terms for greater insights.
  • Integrated biomedical ontologies like SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm and UMLS used to structure patient records.

Ontotext Insights Platform Solutions

  • Patient Insights
    For gaining insight by analyzing patient data
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  • Pharma Insights
    For pharmaceutical and drug therapy development
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AstraZeneca Case Study 1:
AstraZenaca identified causal relationship chains between biomedical objects in the Linked Life Data cloud.

By integrating over 25 diverse data sources and aligning data to more than 17 different biomedical objects, AstraZenaca was able to identify explicit relationships between entities and mine unstructured data to uncover relationships hidden within the text. Learn More


AstraZeneca Case Study 2:
AstraZenaca semantically integrated large amounts of heterogenous clinical study data.

For the iSIM (intelligent study information mining) project, Ontotext utilized state-of-the-art text analysis algorithms to segment, structure, classify and extract knowledge from various types of clinical documents and stored the data within GraphDB. Learn More

Integrated Data, Complete Knowledge
Tools for Uncovering Insights within your Life Sciences & Healthcare Data

Ontotext Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform leverages a variety of data sources to deliver optimal results. At the heart of the solution is a knowledge base used to classify all of your content and metadata. This is combined with your content store, Linked Open Data for enrichment and profiles tracking behavior over time. This blend of semantic databases is stored and accessible from our graph databases engine, GraphDB™.

Semantic Web Services:
Search, Analytics, Enrichment and More…Ontotext delivers a complete set of semantic services integrated into your architecture.

These services include:
  • Integrate All Your Data – Ontotext Insights Platform integrates dozens of relevant databases used in Life Sciences and Healthcare to identity entities referenced in clinical studiesShow More
  • Discover Relevant Information – Life Sciences and Healthcare professionals can find relevant information needed for drug research, patient care or insurance claims compliance.Show More
  • Bio Medical Tagger and Annotation –The Ontotext Insights Platform uses text mining pipelines which identify, extract, classify and index all of the complex terms.Show More
  • Comprehensive Annotation Types –Ontotext Insights Platform supports many annotation types including genes, malignancies, neoplasms, cell types, cell lines, DNA sequences, RNA sequences, sequence variants and more.Show More
  • Standalone Applications or Integrated Services – Ontotext Insights Platform can be accessed as a standalone application, integrated into a larger solution, accessed as an annotation service Show More

Semantically Enriched Biomedical Data

Insights annotation