Ontotext Insights Platform

The Ontotext Insights Platform was built to address very specific domain needs within the life sciences and healthcare industries.  Research analysts, bio-informatics experts, doctors and insurers are faced with unique challenges every day.  They need to find precise sets of information that are usually scattered across disparate data sources.  None of the complex terminology is semantically indexed or connected.  This results in lost time and less accurate research or care.

Ontotext Insight Platform dramatically reduces the time it takes to discover relevant content using a unique blend of text mining, a knowledge base of terms, linked open data integration and highly contextual semantic search. The Ontotext Insights Platform has:

  • Semantic annotation pipelines to extract meaning from patient data and research documents using more than 100 different semantic types.
  • Automatically recognize complex biomedical terms using tested “bio-medical tagging algorithms.”
  • A semantically rich knowledge base with domain specific classifications allowing you to match and classify extracted terms for greater insights.
  • Integrated biomedical ontologies like SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm and UMLS used to structure patient records.

Linked Life Data

We built a public service based on this platform called Linked Life Data.  This services provides access to 25 public biomedical databases through a single access point.  The service allows writing of complex data analytical queries, answering complex bioinformatics questions such as ‘give me all human genes located in Y-chromosome with the known molecular interactions.’ You can try the service for free on the Linked Life Data Site.

Semantically Enriched Biomedical Data

Insights annotation

Identity Resolution & Semantic Knowledge Base 

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Integrated Data, Complete Knowledge

Integrate All Your Data

Ontotext Insights Platform integrates dozens of relevant databases used in Life Sciences and Healthcare to identity entities referenced in clinical studies, research projects, product descriptions and target patient profiles.   This foundational knowledge is stored inside GraphDB™ with links back to the original information.

Discover Relevant Information

Life Sciences and Healthcare professionals can find relevant information needed for drug research, patient care or insurance claims compliance. The search process is instantaneous without the need to filter through thousands of unrelated documents or look in other systems.  Ontotext Insights Platform provides a comprehensive knowledge base of relevant terms extracted from electronic medical documents, drug research, clinical trials, drug dosages as well as data from  SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm, UMLS and many more sources.

Bio Medical Tagger and Annotation

The Ontotext Insights Platform uses text mining pipelines which identify, extract, classify and index all of the complex terms.  Our bio medical annotation tools and quality assurance mean that you are applying proven technology based on scientific methods.

Comprehensive Annotation Types

Ontotext Insights Platform supports many annotation types including genes, malignancies, neoplasms, cell types, cell lines, DNA sequences, RNA sequences, sequence variants and more.  We also  provide knowledge bases that describe important clinical entities like drugs, drugs products, substances, adverse event reactions, contradictions, coding and more.

Standalone Applications or Integrated Services

Ontotext Insights Platform can be accessed as a standalone application, integrated into a larger solution, accessed as an annotation service or run in a distributed computing architecture using REST for large scale machine information extraction.

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